Recent College Graduate Seeking Internship

See “After” PDF See “Before” PDF

Challenge: This client had just graduated from a top school with a slew of related experience, the right certifications and fantastic grades; what she needed was a job…and a stronger resume to showcase high work to date.

Process: We overhauled the format to be more high-level and suitable for this challenging market. In addition to adding a summary/objective and strong Core Competencies section, we also included a brilliant quote from a former supervisor to indicate just how well she has done within the field so far (teaching). While I do not recommend a quote for every client, it definitely brought her resume up a few notches.

Outcome: Like with all of these documents, the “After” is astonishing before one even reads the overhauled content. If you have kids in the Philadelphia area school system, they would be lucky to have her as a teacher!