Another Kind of Cyber Monday & Your Job Search

Here at ReFresh Your Step, we like to celebrate a different kind of Cyber Monday: I encourage you to take a break from your online shopping habit to investigate your online presence. If you recall from our earlier post on the importance of Googling yourself, it is imperative that you periodically check out what happens when you type your name into the all-knowing search engine.

Optimally, you would like to have a few key search results populate the top of your page: your social media profiles. Why are sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ranked so high on that first page? Mostly due to their popularity. Why do you want those to pop up first? Honestly, you want to show that you have a knowledge of social media (a key component to today’s job search as hiring managers will likely search for you online); what’s key here is a need to show that your profiles exist but please ensure that your security settings for each one set to “high”. Doing so requires your express consent prior to third-party review of that content.

Additionally, and this happens more often that you think, it’s smart to have those pop up first in order to push down the less-than-positive or even downright questionable content that can populate your name’s search engine results.

Think I’m kidding or exaggerating? An astonishing number of clients from all industries, levels (including executive) and geographic regions, have looked themselves up at my request and been shocked at what popped up. The challenges we faced have included sharing a name with a murderer (their names often pop up in trial coverage), prior arrests, even for lesser charges–this can still deter a hiring manager; and less-than-professional pictures. Think your pictures are only on Facebook? Think again! Those dinosaurs of the social networking era still exist, even if no one uses them anymore (MySpace and Friendster come to mind) and their content can still be displayed.

I indicated earlier that these occasional client problems are challenges “WE” face together and I said that for a reason; at ReFresh Your Step, we are equipped to effectively handle each and every IT/social media presence challenge. Once the issue is discovered, we will come up with a targeted, strategic plan that ensures your career search problems are both removed and fully mitigated for years to come.

Remember: it’s YOUR career: Refresh. Revive. Renew. Happy shopping!