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See “After” PDF See “Before” PDF

Challenge: This client had an excellent work history that expertly straddled the IT and management/business development sectors. He had done well in all of his roles and had the accomplishments/measureables to back up his career path but none of that was coming through on the original (Before) document.

Process: This client and I worked very closely on identifying not just what he had done well and the related achievements but also what he wanted to focus on for a next step. Once we had all of the information on-hand, it was a matter of crafting an excellent document that would hint at his amazing career success as well as show the depth and breadth of his business and IT-related skills.

Outcome: Even though we greatly overhauled the content, his new format alone makes a huge difference! The After document expertly tackled the challenging task of hinting at an accomplished, highly capable individual but also made it easy for a reader to scan the document and pickup on the right kind of information before deciding to bring him in for an interview.