Importing & Logistics Job Search

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Challenge: While this client’s original information was extensive and showed a broad range of skills and accomplishments, the format and content needed an upgrade to ensure that he effectively demonstrate to hiring managers his high level of experience. Additionally, we needed to show that experience but ensure that we not “age” him in the process.

Process: After discussing prior experience, future goals, accomplishments from across his career, and speaking at length about specific (and relevant) competencies, we fully overhauled the format. In doing so, we were able to highlight his key achievements and management background as well as mention his international market experience. To deal with a longer work history, we created an “Additional Relevant Experience” section but did not include dates there (or within the “Education” section either).

Outcome:  Our finished document made a huge difference in the client’s job search and the response he received has been tremendous in just a short amount of time since he began circulating it!