LinkedIn Job Search App: Yay or Nay?

In a recent global report published by The Telegraph, it was found that our world spends more than a quarter of their time online using social media. I’ll let that sink in and will be checking Facebook if you need me.

The average person has roughly five social media accounts, and one third of the time that people are spending browsing their accounts is done via mobile access. That’s right, just about anything these days can be done via smartphone.

Can this include landing your dream job?

LinkedIn has a been a popular app for social media lovers for quite some time now, and most recently the people at LinkedIn have created an app aimed directly at job seekers. The LinkedIn Job Search app has arrived, and with thousands of high-paying jobs offered on the LinkedIn market, users are able to simply login and have their profile instantly link them to jobs that are a perfect match, both by skill set and location. Its built-in search engine guides your search by three main components – location, keywords and job titles with more customization options if you’re really looking to get specific. The ease and convenience of this app is quickly luring people in – being able to land a job using your smartphone? How much easier can job hunting get?

Well, they do say that nothing “good” comes easy. And here’s why

Sure, this app provides a simple way for people on the hunt for a new career to search on-the-go. But for all the pros of this new smartphone luxury, there are some cons that modern technology just can’t make up for.

CON #1: First and foremost, your handheld device cannot replace a handshake. Making connections in any capacity is important, but it’s the live, human interaction between a prospective employee and employer that will ultimately leave the best and more long-lasting impression. You can absolutely use this app to your benefit to get the first word on which companies are hiring – but taking it to the next level, and actually connecting with the people who work at this company as a means to learn more about your desired role and the organization overall is the piece that proves time and time again to complete the job search puzzle.

CON #2: Secondly, being sent customized job matches is only as good as the resume your match will receive. If you’re serious about landing the job that feels like the best fit and that will bring you the most success in the long run, you have to be prepared to present yourself in the best light. An optimized LinkedIn profile is often your first step to getting noticed but remember: your LinkedIn profile should be complementary to and supported by (but not identical to!) a well-crafted resume. As always, ReFresh Your Step’s team of highly certified writers (and our resident LinkedIn experts) can certainly help create profiles and resume that help you stand out amongst the competition.

It is critical to remember that when using LinkedIn, whether the original platform or the new job search app, that you don’t lose sight of the two above facts. You are using the app as a means to connect but the whole idea is to take the connection and bring it to life, off of your handheld device, and into the real world.

The takeaway from all this? This new app is excellent for researching job opportunities and finding some potentially suitable matches for your next career move. The key to success, however? That lies in your ability to be willing to take things to the next level by putting the smartphone and putting your smart networking skills to good use – in the flesh.

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Contributor: Michelle Dempsey