Marketing & Event Planning Job Search

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Challenge:  This client had amazing experience within her sector but her original format was concentrating far more on the “who” as opposed to the “what” and “outcome”; additionally, that format was set up in a style that looked more like an outline and therefore could not be nearly as impactful with hiring managers.

Process: We spoke at length about what she really wanted to do as well as gathered the more important “process/outcome” information that would communicate to a reader just how effective she really is on the job. Additionally, I gathered up her relevant proficiencies/core competencies. When doing the resume, I opted to include a chrono-functional that complimented her accomplishments as well as played well into her entrepreneurial background without emphasizing it too much.

Outcome: She loved the flow and ease with which her information was presented and has already had great success with the document. Additionally, she has been sending us clients as well!