How our Professional Resume Writing Process Works

Our clients start orith a free consultation, a time for the writer will learn about each client (including career history, future objectives, parameters, etc), answer all questions and set expectations before moving into the 3-Stage Resume Process.

Phase I) Reformatting

We’ve seen some stellar resume formats and, naturally, some not-so-stellar ones. Regardless of where your document lies in the spectrum, we will discuss the changes to be made, consider options for differentiating looks and select what will work best for each client’s unique needs.

Phase II) Content Overhaul

Once your document LOOKS great, our next step is to ensure that the content matches and positions you as an accomplished professional, regardless of your industry, career history and life stage. We pride ourselves on wordsmithing every word in your resume to bait hiring managers into moving you to next step: interviews.

At this point, we will send the document back to you for a full review; you will receive a Word doc and PDF of the resume, along with a comprehensive email of why we did what we did, section by section and overall. We will also explain how you can tweak the resume for various opportunities and indicate where to do so within the document. Additionally, we will highlight points throughout where we might need additional info or clarification to ensure a properly worded resume.

Phase III) Review

At this point, you will have the document to review before sending us back any requested info as well as letting us know any changes you would like to include. As changes are added and subsequent versions are sent, we will each continue reviewing the document until it gets to the Final Review.

We love the Final Review. Why? Because it’s when Lead Advisor and Strategist, Emily Kapit, can put her recruiting hat back on and look at your document from the recruiter’s perspective–does it pass HR muster? Then, does it pass her stringent rules for resume perfection (she’s a tough cookie when it comes to spelling, grammar and formatting). We also ask each client to review the document from his/her perspective as well as that of a hiring manager in the field. From these four perspectives, the document should be good to go! For most clients, though, the process isn’t quite done..