Senior IT & Finance Job Search

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Challenge:  This client had strong content and info on his original resume and the formatting was not bad; however, this was an example of how too much content can truly hurt an accomplished individual. Additionally, since he wanted to reach that “next level”, we had to be that much more targeted and strategic in what we presented and how.

Process:  The client collaborated with us on his career objectives and we spoke at length of what kind of accomplishment-oriented info we needed and why. He used our documentation to capture the relevant information, and we gathered his general and IT-specific proficiencies before overhauling the document to be more high-level as well as emphasize his background, leadership, management experience, and achievements to date.

Outcome:  The client was thrilled with this document and recognized immediately the difference it made to streamline, target, emphasize certain aspects of one’s background in a more high-level resume. He is just beginning to use the resume and we suspect he will be in touch very soon with updates!