So Many Career Services!

Here at ReFresh Your Step, we continue to aim higher, and seek out more opportunities; all in an effort to help your organic growth. We love that you want to engage our services in more than just resume writing and for that we are grateful.  The roots we have built are certainly here to stay, and are the foundation of who, what, and how ReFresh Your Step matures each and every year. However, as the needs of our clients develop so to does our portfolio. The branches of our deep rooted tree have grown and will only continue to sprout to meet our clients where they are in their career journey.

To your expansion…

ReFresh Your Step  has its own core services, values, and strengths to help elevate our clients careers. As we know our client’s individual career paths are  not always a straight path, we have crafted a structural framework that absolutely works when tailored for each unique need.

First and foremost, connecting with each and every client is our top-priority moving together through your story, past and present, ultimately threading all the roots of where you are today in your career into a successful future. We know you know about our resume/cover letter writing services, but we thought it would be advantageous for you to become more familiar with the plethora of other career services our team can support you with in your journey.

To your career …

    • Resume & Cover Letters: This is our bread and butter. We believe every job applicant should start their professional job search with strategic, impactful documents.
    • Salary Negotiation: Walk into your interview with confidence prepared to ask for what you deserve.
    • Networking Techniques: Learn how to work smarter on your job search and grow your network to help grow your career.
    • Social Media Presence: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter…it’s a whole other world out there. Don’t get left behind as the job search continues around you. LinkedIn, specifically, is integral to your job search and growth (and for entrepreneurs/consultants!) so make sure to ask us about our Profile overhauls and Best Practices advisory!
    • Interview Strategies:  Honing in on your interview skills and learning best practices will be the key to landing your dream career.
    • Career Advisory:  Not quite sure the next step in your career? We can help get you there.
    • Re-Branding: Whether a large company or sole proprietor, your brand speaks volumes.   From web content to printed materials ReFresh Your Step will reignite your brand.
    • Job Proposals & 30/60/90 Day Start- Up Plans: Asked to craft your own job description or lay out a road-map of your performance expectations for the first 90 days of your job? We can certainly help you navigate your way through these strategic documents.
    • Professional Documents: From personal statements, thank you letters, resignation letters to admission materials your career growth is never over!

We are here…

Just a click or phone call away to help you ripen your career dreams.  Your career growth means being able to catapult you, our clients, to the next level in your career.

Now, it’s your turn! We would love to hear from you: What does career growth mean to you? Please post your comment below.