Success Story Friday: Naomi

When it comes to having smart business sense, it’s no secret that you have to stay ahead of the game in order to remain successful. Our success story this week comes to us from a ReFresh Your Step client with a multitude of accomplishments and accolades – and the savvy intuition to remain better safe than sorry in the career world.

Naomi came to ReFresh Your Step as a referral. Having worked in the same company for her entire career, making her way up the ranks from sales person to Operations Director, Naomi felt she was ready for a change. There was no question that she loved her work, having remained loyal to her company for well over ten years, but looming layoffs within the corporation meant that she had to get ahead of the game and get ready for some major changes.


With great risk comes great reward, right?

With some well-thought out planning, of course! This is where ReFresh Your Step’s collaboration with Naomi became the critical component to giving her resume the fresh and updated look it needed to get noticed, as well as a cover letter specifically tailored to highlight her best qualities as an employee.

By using the Accomplishments and Measureables Matrix (A&MM), a proprietary tool that I created several years ago – we were able to create a glowing chrono-functional hybrid resume that highlighted key strengths from Naomi’s time spent on the job. Her comprehensively fleshed out A&MM also allowed us to effectively link the achievements tied to Naomi’s strengths. This is a strategic and seamless way to emphasize the candidates amazing and broad skill set – making Naomi a front-runner for any job in which she applied.

It was not difficult to help Naomi create a package that would present her in the best light. After being named top sales person and sales manager in successive years – it was clear that any company looking to add a star employer to their team wouldn’t have to look further than Naomi. What happened next, though, surprised even us!

Naomi did leave her company and was connected with an outplacement agency for next steps. Having already taken the initiative to overhaul her resume in advance, she was already ahead of the game…so much so that the outplacement agency took one look at her resume and hired her. Apparently, they know a good thing when they see it!

“Your work was invaluable in that process,” Naomi shared with us. She now handles sourcing, operations, and processes and couldn’t be more thrilled with her choice to not only make a career-change, but to involve ReFresh Your Step in the process.

Just another beautiful and inspiring success story for the books here at ReFresh Your Step! Thank you, Naomi, for letting ReFresh Your Step be your ticket to success!

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