Success Story: Robert

It is not hard, in the ReFresh Your Step world, to get to know your clients on a more personal level. Often times, the clients who come to us looking to make a major career change are doing it for the sake of their families, and to create a more successful future for the ones they love.

Case in point: Robert.

Robert was referred to us by another happy client (forthcoming #SuccessStory post, of course!), after deciding it was time for a change. Robert wasn’t just looking for a better career opportunity, he was looking for a better life opportunity. After living and working in South Florida for all of his life, Robert was anxious to relocate his family to North Carolina.

With his wife and two children on the brain, Robert knew that his next move would have to be the right one. Having spent a large part of his career working on the corporate side for companies such as FedEx and DHL, Robert set his sights on Lowe’s, which is based near Charlotte, North Carolina – not far from where he wanted to set up a new life for his family.

When Robert and I first spoke, he was ready for a resume overhaul. Using the Accomplishments & Measureables Matrix, we were able to target Robert’s best attributes as an employer. We discussed the importance of developing a strong LinkedIn presence, and helped Robert to create a profile that would help to catch the eye of the employers he was seeking to attract.

Once we completed the process of creating a perfect package for Robert to present, we got started on the next step towards helping Robert start his new life in North Carolina. We helped Robert refine his job search strategy to really hone in on the best possible opportunities for him. We also helped him determine which professionals at his new, prospective employer would be the best people to reach out when trying to make the connections that could help him secure his dream job!

Using his new and improved LinkedIn presence, Robert was able to connect with some key Human Resources professionals within the Lowe’s corporation as well as individuals on some of the teams he wished to target. This was a critical move for Robert, because when he learned that there were no current opportunities available in the exact area he was targeting, these connections were able to steer him towards what was available – simply because they loved his resume and his initiative.

Shortly thereafter, Robert had great news to share with his family. Not only did he secure a position in his desired company, he was also offered a $10K relocation bonus.

An amazing compensation package in a new locale with a much lower cost of living – all within just a few short months?

We consider that a HUGE success. Congratulations on being another Success Story, Robert!

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Contributor: Michelle Dempsey