Career Services Testimonials

ReFresh Your Step clients are clients for life. As you can see from the testimonials below, this is not only because of the effective services we provide, but also the incredible support we offer.
“I have reviewed [the resume] what you’ve sent me and it is very impressive! I feel that the layout and language are very powerful.”

“Looking at the updated resume, I am so impressed with myself now!”

“There is no doubt that your work is excellent. I will absolutely be sending people your way!”

“I love my new resume!!! You are really, really, really good. Thank you very much for all the hard work you so clearly put into this.” -Nora B.

“Emily! This is amazing! You have just catapulted my confidence to where it needs to be to get what I want out of this career change.” -Keith S.

“I opened up the file and was blown away with what you have done so far! I showed my wife and said, ‘That’s why I paid money to get Emily, the professional; less headache for me and a better product outcome!!” -Shawn L.

“Emily is exceptional at managing the development or “refresh” of a high quality resume and exceeded my expectations. 

She is phenomenal at conducting data gathering and career analysis for resume content; raises quality concerns or questions to make sure the appropriate level of detail is presented. Emily was very knowledgeable to make sure appropriate content/structure was contained within the resume and suggested many improvements to my resume structure/format. 

As a business executive with over 20 years of experience, Emily was able to help me quickly eliminate non-value-added content while bringing an online and recruiters ‘point-of-view’ into the overall process. 
I give Emily the highest client satisfaction rating.” – Paul G

“Hi Emily, just let me say…wow! I am so impressed with these cover letters. You did a fantastic job!”

“I now have a real connection to my resume…and I’m impressive!”

“Having my resume revised by you did the trick; from the time we worked together, I had four interviews, did lots of networking, etc. I am grateful that I did have my resume revised by you and am now back in the world of work.”

“I just got my fourth call-back for an interview! Thanks again for all of your help with the resume/cover letter!”

“Emily, you’re brilliant! Thank you for bringing your talent to resume work.”