LinkedIn Optimization & Social Media Presence

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: oh my! Social Media is a source of fun for some and a total pain for others. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, hiring managers are using social media to find out about you. ReFresh Your Step will work with you to craft or improve your current profiles, address any privacy concerns and handle search engine issues.

Common Social Media work includes:

  • Establishing and/or overhauling LinkedIn presence and profiles
  • Addressing privacy concerns on Facebook & Twitter
  • Educating clients on the necessity of a potent social media presence as well as how to maintain it
  • Crafting and updating personal websites to ensure maximum effectiveness


Assessing your social media presence is free, as are basic suggestions. Actual prices differ based on need but below are a few of our most common client packages:

  • LinkedIn Profile Overhaul: $325-$799 (includes tutorial on effective LinkedIn use)
  • LinkedIn Profile Built from Scratch: $425-$899 (includes tutorial on effective LinkedIn use)
  • LinkedIn Best Practices: $200 (includes a tutorial on three of the main sites and step-by-step guidance on how to create a basic profile for each)